Hallowed Taqueira Ramirez

I don’t believe I’ve ever praised a restaurant as much as I have this hallowed place. I rank my favorite food places as kingdoms. Since the system was in place, A&W, has been my number one followed by Chic-fil-a. Now the order has been switched. Taqueria Ramirez is the undisputed, number one out of my … More Hallowed Taqueira Ramirez

Expanse (308)

“Ah, where does it all end? This land, caressed by the gentle empyrean, lulls a waking beast to a final, infinite rest. It is in this expanse where the edge of solace is placed. Now, let us go, hand in hand, and reach this land which remedies our ailing hearts.”

Semblance (308)

“From this prison, we peer into the murk safeguarded by walls of glass. Who then is the true prisoner? Who is the one seeks the embrace of liberty? It is all a sham, a blasphemous menagerie of illusions. Seek strength and clarity and banish this curse of falsehood.”

The Changes Made (308)

“We are echoes of a fond, distant memory, an everlasting reminder of the brilliance of excess and conflict. And yet, we seek to stifle clarity and the path to purity. We are change, a process of creation and destruction. It is, after all, within our unchanging nature.”

Longing (308)

“Let us look to stars and see the souls of our long gone brothers. Let us reach out to them. Together, we will return to the Aether together and be freed from this dance of sorrow. A want unending and a slumbering regret forever longing.”

Stalwart (308)

“And so, on this field of ash and fog, do we stand amidst the ceaseless strife. We, the last pillar and crux of strength, rise above darkness, above death. As it will be, now and forever, a song of faith never sounded as unbending. A testament to out stalwart might.”

The Market (422)

There’s stuff there, no question about that. What that stuff is, well, that’s part of the mystery. From what I could tell, it’s really just a bunch of random snack foods and products. Really, nothing of interest.